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  Technical Specifications
Dimensions & Weight
Length: 5.5 ft.
Weight: 17 kgs
Blade Span: 6 ft.
Noise decibels: 55 Db
Flight Capabilities
Forward Flight : 75 kph
Backward Flight : 45 ph
Side to Side : 35 kph
Flight height : ground level to 300 ft.
Flight Time : 8-10 minutes
Operational Altitude : 10,000 ft. above sea level
Visual Range : 500 ft. - 1,000 ft. diameter
Following a moving vehicle : up to 70 kph
Technical Crew
Pilot : Helicopter operator
Camera Operator / Photographer : Controls camera movements
Telecommunications Tech : Transmissions and troubleshooting Camera attendant,
Equipment Transportation
ATA approved size and weight
Travels with crew as passenger luggage
Camera System
Gyro-stabilized gimbal camera system
180º pan, 120º tilt,
3 - point isolation mount
Remotevision "4-in-1" radio control
Interchangeable camera formats
Customized Cameras
Specially designed 35 mm camera/lenses normal 35 mm
Video hd 1080 mini dv cam
Sony camera.
Video Assist
Reflex through the lens CCD color video assist
Records onto Video 8 or miniDV
Digital recorder PAL on Hard disk
Portable unit
Main Technical Specs
Main Rotor Diameter : 6ft / 1.8m
Weight : 30Lbs / 15Kg, ready to fly
Top air speed : 75Km/h
Helicam extreme lightweight design diminishes the downwash allowing to fly closer to actors or wind sensitive surfaces like sand, water and snow.
Helicam uses a engine which works on pure methanol, less volatile than petrol. It allows safe flight operation indoor.
A chase vehicle (car, boat...) for the pilot can be used to extend the range significantly. In case of fast moving shots, the top speed of the chase vehicle must ideally approach the one of the helicopter : 70 km/h.
When we have to fly close to an actor or structure, the pilot must be at a distance allowing for good depth perception. The Helicam Camera head is gyro stabilized. This unique design allows the third axis – horizon – to be still usable even on top shot.
TILT : 190º from straight 90º up to 90º + 10º Down
Rate : 60º sec adjustable, Gyro stabilized, adjustable while flying
PAN : 190º from left to right.
Rate : 60º sec adjustable (maximum 360º/sec), Gyro stabilized, adjustable while flying.
Remote Function
Camera on/off
Iris Manual control
Focus infinite
Complete Helicam System
Including helicopters, cameras and ground equipment, the camera takes 185ft of 35mm film stock.
Liability Insurance
Third party bodily injury and property damage to be done by the producer.
Pre production meeting and recky of the location to be done before the shoting to avoid surprises.
Expertise and Technical Support to allow :
Chase car
Chase boat
Night flight
Above snow operation
Above sand operation
Above water operation
High altitude operation
High temperature operation

To be provided by Production
Travel arrangement
Film stock or media storage
Fuel for the Flying-Cam helicopters (while travelling by plane)

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