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  Helium Balloon Camera  

Helium Balloon Camera another one of our products, is the latest addition to our endeavour in providing film shooting facility from close quarters.

It can be used for film, television shooting and surveillance for security purposes. It has helium gas and is not a hot air balloon.

The diameter of the balloon around 18 feet. It carries a 5D Canon camera at the bottom.This can be used to pan and tilt and can give a 360 degree pan on the axis.

We can give both video and stills. It has a video assist that gives you live pictures on the ground.

The video is of HD quality and the stills are 21 mega pixels.The balloon can go to a height of 600 to 700 feet.

This can be used for aerial views of landscape, monuments and buildings and in places where there are large number of people, melas, infra structures projects etc.

We can give you shots in digital HD format and 35mm film

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