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Dynamic close-range aerial shots are our specialty. Due to the agility and size of the unmanned helicopters, we can get into spaces that are inaccessible to other types of equipment. Perfect for POV shots, high-speed chase scenes, and much more, the options are endless. When we have to fly close to an actor or structure, the pilot must be at a distance allowing good depth perception. The Helicam Camera head is gyro stabilized. This unique design allows the third axis – horizon – to be still usable even on the top shot.

Helicams or Coptercams are remote controlled mini helicopters used to obtain aerial pictures or motion images using video, still or motion film cameras. The remote controlled camera mount system allows pan, tilt and roll movements. A wireless onboard video transmitter downlinks the live signal to the camera operator. Images can be recorded onboard, on the ground or both. The system is controlled by two operators with independent controls: Helicam Pilot and Camera Operator.

There is a precise 3 dimensional point that best presents an object being filmed or photgraphed. Quite often this point is an oblique angle that can only be captured by a helicam. For low to medium altitudes and in tight confined airspaces this is the method of choice.

The system can be flown practically everywhere provided a small spot of about 4 square meters is available to take off and land. Flight endurance ranges 5 minutes, refueling can be done in seconds. The system offers great reductions in the operating cost compared to a full size helicopter. The helicam is highly maneuverable, plus the camera may be panned and tilted separately to capture any angle. Helicam is more affordable and environment-friendly.Pre production meeting and recky of the location to be done before the shooting to avoid surprises.

Helicam uses an engine which works on pure methanol, less volatile than petrol. It allows safe flight operation indoor. Ground based monitors and special equipment allow the ultimate results.

We can give you shots in digital HD format and 35mm film

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